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President of Latin Licensing, LLC (, an international licensing agency connecting brand owners with manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.  Prior to starting Latin Licensing, LLC, Victor Mizrachi worked as an international business attorney for 15 years, most recently with, a national law firm.  Victor Mizrachi worked five years in the Republic of Panama (1996 to 2000) representing Panama Free Trade Zone companies in the negotiation and drafting of international distribution, license and joint venture agreements, with an emphasis on the fashion industry.  Victor Mizrachi no longer practices law.


[July 24, 2008]: Represented Brooks Sports, Inc. in Exclusive Distribution Agreement with large Panama based distributor for most of Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

[February 9, 2003]: Represented K-Swiss International, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of K-Swiss, Inc, a publicly traded company, in Exclusive Distribution Agreement with large Panama based distributor for all of Latin America and the Caribbean, except for Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil and Puerto Rico.


State Bar of California - Voluntary Inactive Status
United States Court of International Trade


Instructor, "Mexican Legal and Financial Systems"


"Winning International Strategies for Technology Based Companies: Integrating Intellectual Property and Corporate Planning"

"Establishing a Mexico Lending Program and Preparing an International Lending Manual" "Developing a Mexico Lending or Leasing Program""Financial Aspects of Doing Business in Mexico" "Sources of Financing for Cross-Border Business Ventures" "Understanding the North American Free Trade Agreement" "An Overview of the NAFTA Investment Rules""Mexico's Foreign Investment Laws and Regulations""Structuring Direct Foreign Investments in Mexico""Mexican Real Estate Acquisition and Development" "Contracting Opportunities in Mexico""Licensing of U.S. Professionals in Mexico"

"The Mexican Land Trust"


International business transactions and intellectual property law, with an emphasis on international sales, agency, distribution, license, and joint venture agreements.

More than $1 billion in apparel license and footwear distribution agreements negotiated (see list of major transactions below).

Established various cross-border finance programs for the Bank of Southern California (later acquired by First National Bank of San Diego).

Structured and documented cross-border equipment leases and other cross-border secured transactions for U.S. financial institutions, with an emphasis on Mexico.

Structured and documented the granting and foreclosure of personal and real property security interests in Latin America, with an emphasis on Mexico.

Represented U.S. purchasers of Mexican real estate, including due diligence investigations for potential real property purchases of large tracts of undeveloped coastal lands in various Mexican tourist destinations.

Negotiated U.S. title insurance policies issued to U.S. purchasers of Mexican real estate.

General cross-border business transactions.


Negotiated the Calvin Klein® jeanswear license for Panama Free Zone company for Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.

Managed the Calvin Klein® anti-counterfeiting program for Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador on behalf of the Calvin Klein® jeanswear licensee.

Represented the licensees for Calvin Klein® jeanswear for Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Chile in the conversion from license to distribution agreements with Warnaco, Inc., which acquired Designer Holdings, Ltd.

Represented Panama Free Zone company in joint venture negotiations with Maxell Corporation of America for most of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Represented Panama Free Zone athletic footwear company in the acquisition of a footwear trademark for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Represented Panama Free Zone company in joint venture negotiations with Manzanillo International Terminal, S.A., a subsidiary of Stevedoring Services of America, for the creation of the Colon Container Freight Services facility in the Colon Free Trade Zone of Panama.

Represented Panama Free Zone radio equipment distributor for Latin America in breach of contract litigation against manufacturer.

Represented the Bank of Southern California (acquired by First National Bank) as special counsel to its International Division.  I helped to develop a number of cross-border lending programs for the bank, such as the lease discount financing program for the maquiladora (in-bond manufacturing) industry (this involved lending to the lessor against its future stream of lease payments on Mexican real estate), the cross-border inventory financing program (this involved lending against Mexican made goods bound for the U.S.A.), various cross-border secured lending programs (these programs involved obtaining properly perfected security interests in personal and real property in California and Mexico), and cross-border personal guarantees (this involved obtaining personal guarantees enforceable both in the U.S. and in Mexico).

Represented many U.S. companies, such as Bush Industries, with their direct foreign investments in Mexico.  This work required an in-depth knowledge of The North America Free Trade Agreement, Mexico's foreign investment, commercial, corporate, labor, tax and trust laws and applicable U.S. Customs, commercial, corporate, labor and tax laws. Clients included real estate developers, service providers, sellers of all types of products, franchisers and manufacturers.

Advised companies on U.S. export financing programs, with an emphasis on U.S. Export-Import Bank programs, such as the Export Credit Insurance Program, the Working Capital Guarantee Program, Exim Bank Guarantees of Commercial Loans, and Exim Bank loans.  Also, advised companies on the availability of political risk insurance provided by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation for their foreign direct investments.


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Fluent in Spanish.